DAY 128

This morning at around 7:45 my mom left on a flight back to New York. She is coming home tomorrow night and is going there for a 1 day event. Today we went to the pool in the rain at about 3:00pm. It was a light little drizzle but it felt good while we were in the hot tub. The pool was also really warm as usual so I played mostly in there.

Yesterday we stayed at the RV park. It wasn’t really an eventful day but we went to the pool again. At around 1:00pm after my moms work and lunch we went to the pool. We all played some tag and threw around a hacky sack.

My parents love the hot tub and probably spend 65 percent of the time in the hot tub. After the pool we just all hung out at the RV my mom went out at 7:15 with my sister and tried to buy her a bathing suit. She couldn’t find one so she came home. By then I had the football game on and watched that a little because how could I not.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about today’s fun!

DAY 127

Tonight I’m really tired and I didn’t really feel like writing earlier so I’m going to keep it a little shorter than normal. As I said yesterday we have so much coming up in our next few months, we are all so excited! In the mean time my mom is heading back to NY for a day for an event so we are all gonna stay at the campground. Then on Sunday we are moving the one of the most popular RV parks in Florida! It has kids everywhere I’m so excited! Now to yesterday.

Yesterday we went mini golfing. We all had a lot of fun and we even played there little hoops course. Yesterday morning was pretty average. My mom worked a little outside and then at around 12:00pm we ate lunch and left. We played at a course called jungle hill and it was a lot of fun. Every hole was uphill until the 10 hole where you were at the peak of a little mountain. There was statues everywhere too it was a lot of fun! After golfing I played a hoops course. It was a fun basketball like playground looking thing. There were backboards in all shapes and hoops in hard spots to score from. It was a lot of fun! After that we went home and played some games at home.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about today’s fun day at the campground. We went to the pool again because it’s such an awesome pool!

DAY 126

Right now we are on our way back from mini golfing. We all agreed it would be fun going mini golfing and we all had a good time. We have a lot coming up in November and December. We are in Orlando right now and there are so many big hotels and big places to go. There is Disney World, Universal and Sea World. There are also a lot of little water parks all over the place.

Yesterday we hung out at the RV park and played around. In the morning my mom took a call. At around 11:00 she took a little break and the girls met there friends at the pool with us. At 12:30 my mom had a call so we left. The girls then played games with each other for about 4 and a half hours. They played with salamanders and tried catching them, there are so many salamanders in Florida! At around 3:00pm my mom and I played some ping pong and foosball at the lounge. At around 6:00pm we ate some dinner and just winded down for bed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about my fun day mini golfing!

DAY 125

Today we all chilled at the RV park and actually made some friends my sisters have been playing with for like 3 and a half hours! My parents saw the Full time RVers sticker on there car and met them. We all hung out at the pool for about an hour and then the girls became best friends. They have two kids both girls about my sisters ages so they have been playing all day. I stayed out of the heat so after the pool I played some ping pong and foosball with my mom. This RV park has an awesome little hang out room with a nice couch and some games and books. After ping pong and foosball I played in the RV. Now about yesterday!

Yesterday was a long move day. It was about 3 and a half hours driving with a 1 and half hour stop. Yesterday morning at 10:30 we stared getting the RV ready to leave and by 11:30 we were ready to leave. We’ve gotten better at leaving faster. It only takes us one hour to get from the begging to my dad in his seat ready to go. When we started it took 90 minutes maybe even 2 hours, we are progressing. When I think about it we are a little more then 4 months in, time just flew! About 2 hours through our drive we all got hungry and stopped at Panera bread. My dad parked the RV in a big open lot behind the place. We all ate and got on the road. We arrived in no time. When we got there it was about 4:30 and we were settled in by 5:00pm. Our site is really nice, it is right on the side of a lake! At around 8:00pm I put the football game on and went to bed soon after.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about my fun day today!

DAY 124

Today was a long move day for us. It was about 3 and a half hours of traveling with a lunch shop at Panera Bread. Right now we are in Orlando, Florida. We will be exploring Florida until late February. It’s a big state and there is so much to do in it so we will be here for a little while. Now to yesterday!

Yesterday I stayed home and watched football all day. We usually don’t have the tv on during the day unless it’s Sunday then it’s football day! Sunday’s are one of my favorite days because it’s Sunday, and footballs on and it’s the end of the week.

My parents left with my sisters at around 12:00pm so I watched the pre game show then. While they were out they checked out more around Saint Augustine and drove over an island at sunset. They had a great time.

In the meanwhile I was watching my favorite team, the Jets lose again! They were playing a team that haven’t won a game all season so I was mad to watch them lose. The team the lost to was the dolphins. They haven’t won a game since last Christmas! until now. There was way more better games on that we really close. It was an awesome day to watch football. I watched the games till 9:30 when Sunday night football was in action so that’s how my day went.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about our long move day today and our RV park!

DAY 123

Today I didn’t do to much because it was football day! My parents went out with my sisters while I stayed home and watched the games and just chilled. They checked out an island and went back to Saint Augustine. They had a great time. The Jets lost again, except this time they lost to a team that haven’t won a game all season. It was a little frustrating to watch.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun with our friends! The morning was pretty normal till 10:00am when we left. We met them at there house and at 1:15pm we left to go to lunch. We went to a nice restaurant and all ate some lunch. After that we walked down a nice brick street with a lot of shops just lined down the street.

We eventually stopped and went to a fort that was towards the end of the street. The fort was still in very good shape and it looked very nice. We walked around the outside of the fort and then got some ice cream. The ice cream was really good.

It was made in the shop they served it in. After that we checked out one of the oldest schools in America. Then we went home and they came with us. We had a little party with them when they came back and we all played around the RV. At 9:30pm they left the and we all went to bed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about the football games today and what my parents and my sisters did with a little more detail!

DAY 122

Today my family went out to St Augustine with some friends. We checked out an awesome fort and some really cool areas. All of the streets in St Augustine are made out of brick they look really nice it makes the area look really nice. First we walked up a street with a lot of little shops and stores.

After that we checked out the fort a little then we got ice cream and checked something else out, it was really a fun day and I will get more into it tomorrow, for now I’ll talk about yesterday!

Yesterday it was pretty cold. We didn’t go anywhere and only left our RV once. Now when I say cold I mean like 65 degrees not 40 like in New York. Yesterday morning I

did my schoolwork and played in the RV. We didn’t do too much so I’m gonna skip to the pool. We got there by driving because nobody wanted to bike, I biked there but regretted it later. When we got there my mom as usual hesitated to go in unlike my sisters and I we had already jumped in!

We played a little game for 30 minutes while my mom didn’t move she was very cold and barely played. We ended up leaving in 30 minutes and drove home, except for me I was freezing and had to bike home. That was really all we did yesterday.

Stat tuned tomorrow to hear about a fun day today!

DAY 121

Today was a normal day. I was tired from the past days and my mom seemed very tired too so we stayed home. The high today down in Florida was 69 so I would assume anybody that lives up north like around New York was pretty cold today. We actually managed to get to the pool and I was pretty thrilled.

The pool was pretty warm and it was nice but after we were all freezing, except for my dad who had the genius idea to not go in! He stayed warm while we all froze.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun trick or treating I’ll tell you all about.

Yesterday morning while my parents worked I played around the RV with my sisters. At around 1:00pm we left for our friends house. We played at the house for about 30 minutes till the kids got picked up from school. I was really looking forward to tricker treating and maybe see a few kids. They live in a private neighborhood so the houses were really close together and looked the same. There was a lot of decorations for each house and it made the neighborhood look nice.

We played at there house and got our costumes on and at 6:00pm we went out. Now back on Long Island I was very settled and happy with like 20 kids roaming around the whole neighborhood and was holing for about the same here, but No! They had at least 50 kids on each street and when I asked someone told me each house has about 2 kids. I was so surprised! Every second another knock at the door. We couldn’t even leave! When we finally did and we changed streets there were just more and more kids.

It’s got to be awesome living in a community with that many kids. Unless your a senior on Halloween it might be a little annoying answering the door every second. Unless you like doing that every year.

At around 7:30 we got on our friends golf cart with them and got more houses in less time. Overall it was so much fun! Except for the fact of how tired I was when I got home.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about our fun day at the RV park and the pool. And a little piece of where we are going tomorrow because we have plans.

DAY 120

Happy Halloween everyone! Every year I would always invite some friends over to play some football and go trick or treating, we were really about half of the kids trick or treating in our neighborhood but I’ve always been happy and settled with that. But today when we went to my moms friends neighborhood every house had at least 1 kid. At 5:30pm everyone was on the road partying in their golf carts for hours. There was probably a hundred people on each little road. It was just so awesome it showed me really what Halloween is all about!

Yesterday was a move day. We went from an RV park near Jacksonville to an RV park near Saint Augustine. It is right of the beach. About 2 minutes walk away. In the morning my mom worked until 11:30am and then we left. At about 2:00pm we arrived. We got the RV ready for a 5 day stay and went in the pool. We stayed there for about 2 and a half hours because the pool was so warm.

After that we changed and went out to dinner. We went to a place that is overlooking the beach. My mom is really looking forward to going to the beach tomorrow. The food there was really good and after an hour we went home.

Last night I stayed up till midnight watching game 7 of the World Series. The Washington Nationals ended up winning at the Astros stadium. It was really an eventful game. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about Halloween and fun we had today!