Day 300 Special guest blogger!

You’d never guess but it’s day 300 so I’m writing, and by I, I’m talking about Luke, don’t know how I got roped into doing this but I will except it and have some fun writing this and really try my best for day 300!

Lately I’ve been having some good and bad days. The good days are golfing and playing frisbee but my sisters have been really bothering me, they are younger than me so I understand it but their just really hard, they are really picky and just cry over everything and in a small RV it’s almost impossible to just leave them alone, I’m also am starting to miss my friends again, I haven’t seen any of my friends in over 4 months and I haven’t seen my cousin in 8 months.

Other than those 2 things I’m doing great. We have been doing a lot of house shopping lately too. We have found a new house and put down an offer, we are just waiting for a response at this point. I’m really hoping we get it because I’m am so sick of this small space.

It’s also really hard not going places in an RV, my mom may have already said this but living in an RV all you want to do is go places, like go out to eat once a week or go bowling, like for my birthday I was gonna play laser tag but we had to cancel it because of the virus. We are all staying occupied though!

I’m really liking writing every 50 days I just can’t believe it’s been 300 days. Time really does fly it’s crazy, like it’s almost been a full year it feels crazy in way.

That’s gonna rap up day 300 and my appearance. I will come back around in 50 days or who knows, if there’s a big event I might write earlier than that!

Day 250 Bonus

Hi everyone! It’s Luke Writing, every 50 days or after a special event I will write and I’m just going to wrap up what’s been happening lately. Between us possibly buying a house and the coronavirus. There has been a lot happening so I’m going to write about it.

First with the house, my dad has already mentioned it but this is my view. About 5 days ago we arrived in flagstaff to check out the area and to look at homes. We started looking at homes and day 1 was really nothing special. All of the houses were in a community that had no kids at all so we didn’t do that. The next day the first house we looked at was gold! It was a beautiful home, the bottom floor had a huge living room and really nice carpeting. You could walk up 4 steps to the kitchen which had a beautiful countertop and stools. They have a 3 car garage and 2 downstairs bedrooms with a bathroom. Upstairs is awesome too, there is 2 beautiful bedrooms one being the master bedroom. They have 2 bathrooms and 2 huge closets. And to top it off their is a upstairs laundry room. We are most likely buying the house and renting it out for a couple months before we move in. That’s the good news but we have some bad news with the corona virus!

As everyone knows the corona virus is all over the USA now so we have to postpone some places. Most places in California like Los Angeles where we were gonna be for my birthday next Sunday. So my dad is going to get a new campground. We also canceled Las Vegas because it’s breaking out there. And one more problem with it was that we planned about 4 months ago for my cousin to fly out and see the Grand Canyon in April but then the virus broke out so we canceled that.

Other then the virus and a couple arguments between my siblings and I the trip is going great and we are planning to end late August early September. That’s my wrap up of the recent weeks and what’s happening. I will write again soon just request it and I will definetly consider writing!

Bonus Post By Luke! Super Bowl Day

I’ve gotten so many requests to start writing again, and after the first 150 days I’ve figured out I don’t really like writing but you can request every once and awhile and I will write about something. I had about 3 or 4 people tell me to write about the super bowl so I will write about it.

As most football fans know the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl and that’s one of my favorite teams. They have any awesome young quarterback named Patrick Mahomes. And if you haven’t noticed from my pictures I post, most days I wear something that has Patrick Mahomes on it. I have a Sweatshirt, a t-shirt and socks. He really inspires me and to watch him lose last year in the semi finals also known as the conference championship then to win this year in a crazy comeback made me so happy!

The first game of the playoffs they were down 24 to nothing and came back to win 51-31. In the next round of the playoffs they were down 20-3 to a team that was making a huge late season comeback. They ended up coming back again and won. It was crazy. Then the next game was the Super Bowl. They were playing the San Francisco 49ers. They were favorited to win this game. With only 7 minutes left in the game they were down by 10 points. Touchdown after touchdown they had come back and won by 11 points. That’s 3 touchdown in 7 minutes for the Chiefs while under so much pressure with a young quarterback. My dad wanted the 49ers to win so when they lost he was upset but I was so happy. It was very late then so I was exhausted but still so happy.

Later that week Patrick Mahomes went to the Disney and had a big celebration. We missed seeing him at Disney by 1 day. I saw a small video of it though. Overall this Super Bowl year has been great. If there was one thing that made me a little upset it was the fact that every year I went to a friend’s house to watch the Super Bowl so I missed all my friends. If you have any more requests in the future just comment, either to me or my mom reads them.

DAY 140- Luke is back writing today!

I’m back again it’s Luke! I was feeling a little tired of writing a blog lately so I decided to take a few days break. Those few days I took a break it was also because I was spending time with all the kids at the RV park when I would usually write my blog. Today was actually a move day to Sanibel Island. It’s a small nice island right of the coast of Florida. It’s located in the Gulf of Mexico. We went out to eat tonight at a really nice place a few minutes from the RV park.

Yesterday we didn’t go to Disney unlike the most recent days. We stayed home so we could spend our last day at the RV park with all of our friends.

We played some ultimate tag in the morning and to anyone wondering what ultimate tag is I will explain it now. It’s a game with preferably more than 7 people and it’s like tag but a little different. Everyone is trying to tag everyone. If you tag someone they sit down until the person who tagged them gets tagged. If two people both tag each other at the exact same time they do Rock Paper Scissors loser sits down.

All the younger kids with shorter arms have the disadvantage but it’s still fun for all ages. After we played that for a little bit we all got out our Pokémon cards and my lacrosse sticks and we just played at the field and traded Pokémon. It was a lot of fun. We did that until about 5:00pm when I ate dinner.

Before the sun went down I played some some football with a few kids playing in the field. Most of the kids there I knew pretty well. After dark we just talked and kicked around a soccer ball for a little while until I went to bed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about our fun day leaving the RV park and more about Sanibel Island!

DAY 135

Today was my first day in Disney and we just got back to the car at around 9:30 and I’m really tired so I’m going to write all about today and yesterday, tomorrow. Today was so much fun though I can’t wait to write all about it I’m just really, really tired. So stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about my awesome day today and yesterday!

DAY 134

Today I wasn’t outside as much because I hurt my my left leg and foot yesterday. Today I still played outside quite a bit but I didn’t run as much. I still played ultimate tag but I didn’t run as much. I also took out my Pokémon cards and did some trades today with some kids in the RV park. Today I didn’t do as much as the recent days.

Yesterday I had a lot of fun but as I mentioned I hurt myself so later in the day I play as much. Yesterday morning at about 10:30 after my schoolwork I went outside and played some football with a few kids I met. I started that game at around 1:00pm before that we just played ultimate tag. Ultimate tag is the game all the kids love here and it’s for all ages. I will explain how it works tomorrow.

I played that game of football for about an hour and a half and then I went to the pool. I was really sore yesterday still so I only swam around for about 30 minutes. When we got back we all agreed that we would play more ultimate tag and while I was running from someone I fell in a little hole I didn’t see and hurt my left leg, That’s how it happened.

I went inside after that and rested. At about 5:30pm I went outside to play and I started running but my leg hurt so bad when I ran I decided to just write my blog. After my blog I ate some dinner and went to bed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about my fun day today!

DAY 133

Today was another awesome day in the RV park. One problem is that I’m overworking my legs so much I think I like sprained my foot or something. I can’t run at all because when I just tried to I hurt myself and lost ultimate tag. At the moment while I’m writing my blog I’m icing it and it feels really good. Today it was a little colder so we ended up not going to the pool and we just played at the field all day. At night is when there is the most kids out usually so I try to play at night but tonight I just can’t.

Yesterday was another fun day. At about 12:00pm I went outside and played a little even though my legs hurt. We played some ultimate tag and football. My friend and I started up a football game and we left about an hour and a half in. I went to the pool with my dad after my mom left because I was too tired to go earlier. When we got there my friend was there so I played some good with him, his brother and my dad. We were there for about an hour until we went home and and I rested a little more. On the way home I noticed the football game we started was still going on 3 hours after we started it except different kids were playing it. That gave me a little laugh. Not to be rude to the kids but some of them were a little rude and didn’t really act appropriate. Last night was just crazy! In the middle of our game of tag 2 kids got in an argument and started fighting. Like full out fighting each other. It really surprised me! Then the kid that was fighting left and came back with his bike and ran over the other kid on purpose. Now I was really surprised with these kids. What I’ve leaned is that I have to pick my friends here wisely and stay away from others. The kids leg was hurting and he had trouble waking for about 30 minutes and then his leg just hurt. The parents of the 2 kids went over it but it just surprised me kids like a little younger than me would do that! After that incidence I just decided to go home and go to bed.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about my fun day today!

DAY 132

Today was another super fun day in the RV park with all these kids.

There must be 30 kids all running around playing tag. It’s so much fun. I haven’t been running around all too much in the RV so when we got here and I ran around all day yesterday my entire body has been aching all day because I ran so much yesterday. Today I met more kids and I’ve made more friends. I also went to the pool again today.

Yesterday was such a fun day just like today. In the morning I stayed in the RV until about 12:30 when I threw a football with my dad outside. Soon enough we got 2 kids to join and then we played some soccer on our 1 net. After a little bit of playing we had like 10 kids so we made another net out of our corn hole boards. We made some teams and soon enough we had to remake then after like 10 more kids joined in. We had the 2 oldest kids as captains. The 14 year old and the 13 year old. We decided to play to 5 goals. I scored 3 goals for my team and then I changed teams to fill a hole for them and I scored 2 goals on there team so the score was 3-2. I changed back soon after and scored the last 2 goals to make it 5-2.

Most of the kids there were fast but not very good at soccer or football. After that I went to the pool for about 2 hours with my mom, dad and sisters. We all have a great time at the pool. Also the pool is really warm and we met some kids there.

When we left it was about 6:30 so I went home wrote my blog, ate dinner and played more tag with all the other kids. Before bed I watched some football until about 9:30pm.

Yesterday was so much fun! Today was as fun if not better so stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about today’s fun!

DAY 131

Today has been an awesome but very tiring day. I would take a nap but it’s 6:30 at night. My parents were right! There are so many kids at this RV park it is just crazy. Also we got a really good premium spot at the campground right on the field and it was free because we are members of thousand trails RV parks and This happens to be one. It all works out great!

Yesterday was a move day to this awesome RV park. We left at around 11:30am after my moms work and we got there about an hour later. When we got there I stayed in the RV for a little while because for some reason I was really tired yesterday. At around 5:30 after watching some of the football games we went to the pool. I made a friend there but he left today so I only saw him once. We were there till 7:30pm and then we went back to the RV. I watched some of the Sunday night football and then went bed.

Yesterday I didn’t really do half as much as I did today so stay tuned tomorrow to hear about all my fun today!

DAY 130

Today was a move day to one of the biggest most popular RV parks in Florida. It has so many kids everywhere I will for sure make some friends at the pool I made one but he is leaving tomorrow. We were at the pool for about 2 hours today we had a lot of fun, sadly my sisters and I are not allowed to go in the hot tub but the pool is pretty warm. To be honest other than the pool we didn’t really go anywhere yesterday so I’m not really going to get too far into it.

On Friday it was about the same but we did a little more. At around 7:00am my mom left for the airport to go to a baby shower in New York. At around 12:00pm we all went to the pool for about an hour and a half. The girls met some new friends so they played with each other for a few hours. I talked to my friends after school in the afternoon. Before we went to bed my sisters and I watched some Tom and Jerry.

Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about the RV and the fun we had today!