Day 395- We did it!

Woke up after a long night of tossing and turning! I told Joe when the soul is expanding you can feel it- at least I can!

At 9am today we close on a long dream of owning a house in the mountains. We couldn’t be more thrilled.

So many emotions this whole week. Today is all comes together.

Thank YOU for all the many messages and comments and likes about the close on our house in Flagstaff!!

Joe and I and the kids still think we’re dreaming. Luke said to me today “I still can’t believe this is our house. I feel like we’re visiting!!”

Truth be told to move a family across the country the way we did – with a year long RV trip sandwiched in between running a business and homeschooling- can NOT be done alone. 

I know we might have made it look easy but truth be told we had the bestest of friends, colleagues and professionals who are the best at their craft help us!!!

Shout out in NY to our realtors Anthony Perrotta and Michael Sadis!! You 2 got us off Long Island! If you’ve got a house to sell they are your power team to call. 

Bryanna and Craig Royal blazed the path for us years ago and answered all our crazy questions since they live on the road full time!! Their oh -so- resourceful blog that talks everything RV life is called 

Long View RV in Connecticut is THE premiere RV dealership in New England. They held our RV for months while we figured out how the hell to finance it. Then when we ran into air conditioners that stopped working , washing machines that exploded, no hot showers for 2 weeks, no heat for a week they were there for us any time we called, any day of the week and any time of day! We recommend them hands down as they stand behind their customers and care deeply.

Then there is Joe’s family Tim and Annie Edden who let us store all our “keepsakes” + Joes tools 😀 in their homes while we travel. And the rest of the Paccione + Edden clan who showed up for an A-MAZING launch party and who help get us off Long island!!

Then there is Kelly Broaddus who is an Arizona realtor extraordinarie. Without Kelly we would never have won the bidding war on our house. It went into contract 4 days after Hitting the market. If you live in AZ and want the best house look no further- Kelly is the bomb.

And if it wasn’t for the dedicated work of our dear friend and mortgage specialist for Wells Fargo, Dave Goldklang we might have been delayed closing for another 2 weeks. Dave goes above and beyond for his clients… we would know. This is the 2nd mtge we’ve worked together on! If you need a mtge that gets done right, Dave is your guy. 

And our dear friend, financial guru and accountant Dave Cooper takes customer service to a whole new level. If it wasn’t for him we’d still be drowning in paperwork with no clue how to explain our 4 businesses and that we swear we really do live in an RV and run profitable businesses. Lol. 

Behind every success story is a team of caring dedicated people who have your back.

I’ve noticed when a person wins the Tour de France they always give credit to their WHOLE team because without them, they could not have won.

We couldn’t agree more!! 

Thank you team. We so appreciate you.

One thought on “Day 395- We did it!

  1. Congratulations! That view is amazing! You know, we usually use the word “settle” to mean accepting something for what it is without fighting for something better, but in your family’s case, I think we can all agree that settling down in this new home of yours is all about taking a well deserved break from the confines of the RV and the rigors of life on the road. Settling for you is more like an autumn leaf drifting into place exactly where it was meant to fall, ready to be used to bring about new life and joy in the year and years to come.


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