Day 393- When Dreams Come True

Warning: long post about DREAMS COMING TRUE!

Remember when you were 10 and it was the day before your birthday (or Christmas!!!) and you COULD NOT SLEEP??

That’s me. All week.

I literally wake up 4:30am like clock work and stare at the ceiling.

There is a joy in my belly I can not describe.

First 2 days I thought it was nervousness then day 3 I realized it’s actually EXCITEMENT.

When you set your mind on a dream and it comes true I swear the soul decides to do a – think 80 disco dancing at the club- dance.

Well my soul dances at 4:30am right now.

When my house blew up from a gas explosion just 4 months after being married 18 years ago I lost everything including all my wedding gifts.

Back then I didn’t have a lot of disposable income as Joe had just quit his job to start a biz and I was supporting us.

So we bought whatever we could afford and mostly while suffering from PTSD!😥

(Reminder – never buy stuff while suffering from PTSD. You’re not gonna love it as much after you heal. Just sayin!) 🤦‍♀️

3 kids later and 2 self employed people in 1 house with an insistence that they go to a private montessori school because I just loved the community and well….😌

Let’s just say I wasn’t buying myself any new expensive furniture, fancy dishes or all that fun stuff you get when other people are chipping in to buy you gifts 😁

Insert yesterday’s conversation Joe had with me while hiking!!!

“You know Jenn, we got EVERYTHING we’ve ever wanted!”

Huh Joe- you think?!?!

Let’s recall what we wanted …

✨Last house had 1 bathroom we all shared and no guest rooms. Girls bunked up and there was no basement. We now have a 4000sq ft “compound” with a guest room, office, 3 bathrooms (kids promise to clean their own bathrooms let’s see how that goes!), game room- yes game room and a hot tub on the deck while looking at the mountains. Pinch me.

✨we always wanted to live in a cul-de-sac. Now we do!!

✨we always wanted to leave NY and live in the mountains!! We live 30min from
The local ski resort. Pinch me again.

✨ we love small towns!! We now live in one with freight trains that roll by and remind you of the days when you owned Lionel trains!

✨ we didn’t want to leave Huntington NY because we loved the village SO much. Music + food + shops the most amazing people!! I had so many friends as shop owners. We ❤️ the flagstaff village with music + shops + food and people everywhere (well pre-COVID-19!) pinch me once again!

✨we adored the kids Montessori school which was one of the reasons why we stayed as long as we did! Their new charter school we saw this week had a dog in the classroom and the teaches are bright and happy and kind and open minded! Such a positive fresh space to learn from!

✨we can afford to buy ALL new furniture and dishes and beds and organic mattresses to START OVER the way I always dreamed after the old house caught fire. Just WAIT till you see the Restoration Hardware + Crate and Barrel furniture my dear friend and interior designer extraordinaire picked out!! Dreamy.

AND If that wasn’t enough I just received word from my lawyers that the Sugar Freedom Method is officially trademarked with 6 A-MAZING certified coaches out there teaching others the method.

(OPRAH did you hear that? Isnt it time we spoke??)

I said it before and I’ll say it again-

If you don’t ask, no one is going to give it to you.

And if you don’t have faith, you’ll quit long before your dream materializes. Hence we named our 40 ft home on wheels (Leap of) FAITH.

This has been a dream of a lifetime this past year on the road and I have NO INTENTION OF WAKING UP!!

5 thoughts on “Day 393- When Dreams Come True

  1. I am so happy for all of you and also will look forward to the pictures. But I do hope you plan occasional trips back to Vermont because you are missed.


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