Day 383 – Wow its hot

I’ve never experienced anything like this heat at Lake Mead.  It’s absolutely brutal and there is no escape.

The AC units on the RV have not stopped running since 7am this morning and it actually keeps getting warmer in our RV as the day rolls on.  

Last night we were able to turn off one of the units to give it a rest while the temperature dropped into the high 90’s.

We went down to the lake again today to cool off.  The kids loved it but, you start to heat up again within 5 minutes of leaving the water.

Our AC in the Jeep is out. So, traveling anywhere outside of a 5 mile radius is completely out of the question.  When we drove to the beach today it was 116 degrees outside.  We brought a ton of water with us and it goes fast as we travel.

Jenn and I visted the campground store today on our bikes.  It’s hard to travel far in this heat but, we are constantly trying to make the most of each day.

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