Day 380 – A day of rest in the national forest

We are in a dusty campsite filled with tall evergreen trees, 8000 feet up in Kaibab National Park, about 1 hour north of the Grand Canyon. 

Honestly, there isn’t much to do here if you’ve already seen the Grand Canyon.  
The girls took out their hammock and asked me to hang it up.  Luke took a nap while Jenn and I caught up with a few business tasks.  

I find it incredible how much business we can get accomplished from wherever we happen to be (even with poor internet access).  I’m so thrilled we are able to make it work while seeing all the wonderful places we have seen.

We all did our own thing for most of the day and then I got everyone to go with me to the ranger station fire tower. 

This was a 80 foot tall steel truss tower with a lookout both for spotting and directing crews to wild fires.  The booth itself was closed and locked but, we were able to hike 95% of the tower and it was scary/exciting for the kids.  Luke walked up about 20 feet and had second thoughts about the climb.  He retreated back to the bottom, thought about things a bit and then climbed all the way to the top to meet us. 

Sometimes you just need a minute to check in with your fears before you can overcome them.  I was proud of him.

We climbed back down after taking a few pictures and headed back to our campsite for the evening.

Tomorrow we are heading to Las Vegas and Lake Mead.

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