Day 379 – The Grand Canyon North Rim

We got out a little later than expected today due to a little extra work we need to get handled and some mortgage docs that we had to complete for our upcoming closing at the end of July.  It’s not a lot of fun trying to get a mortgage approved in this climate.

Printing and scanning documents is time consuming and our internet access is so slow that it takes forever to download and upload anything here in Kaibab National Forest.

Luke said the internet access was so bad that he can’t do anything.  His playstation won’t connect to the outside world and his friends are all upset that he can’t join them.  This is life as a 12 year old during COVID.

Anyway,  we did make it to the North Rim but, not until about 3pm.  It was a 1 hour drive from our campground (just outside the park) to the rim.  There is absolutely nothing but, open untouched land for the entire journey with one exception.  There was a small country store about 1/2 way to the rim which had a small supply of groceries, some gifts and a food truck.  

There was also a primitive campground across the street from the country store with absolutely no hookups or internet access. I knew this campground was here and after reading the reviews decided that driving the extra 1/2 hour to be in some form of civilization was worth it.  We had zero cell signal and that just doesn’t work for us.

The north rim is a very tranquil and beautiful place.  It’s quite the opposite of the South Rim and gives you a feeling of what the Grand Canyon was like in the 60’s and 70’s.  Old log cabins with small porches and rocking chairs, a large stone and wood lodge as well as hiking trails everywhere.  

We even came across some bridal paths for horseback riding although we didn’t see any horses.

We walked the Bright Angel trail out to a point in the canyon.  The wind was blowing and the trail was narrow with cliffs that fall away on both sides.  It feels a little awkward when you look down.  The entire world spins for second until you can get your bearings.

The kids didn’t enjoy some parts of the walk and Sydney held my hand for a good portion of the trail. I have to say that I’m not a big fan of heights but, I generally handle it well.  Today, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as we looked over the edge in certain spots.

After our hike the kids said it was really awesome and that they were happy to be back in the car.

I love sharing things with them that they will remember forever.  I got the feeling this hike would stick in their heads for a while.

We stopped at the general store on the way out of the park and we picked up a few items to remember this place.

I’ve always had a huge fascination with the Grand Canyon and I enjoy every opportunity I’ve ever had to come here.  This was officially my 6th visit to the canyon and it never gets old.  I even camped down in the canyon many years ago, something I don’t think you can do very easily any longer.

While it’s only 82 degrees on the North Rim today, it is easily 105 down near the Colorado River and many people don’t know that.  When traveling down the narrow paths to the canyon floor you have to be extremely prepared for that experience.

In two days we will be heading down to Las Vegas where it is 115 degrees this time of year.  So, we will get our chance to fully experience the hot weather from the shore of Lake Mead.

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