Day 378 – Bryce Canyon to the Grand Canyon North Rim

We woke up this morning and headed south out of Utah to the Grand Canyon. 

We crossed the border into Arizona and changed time zones today. It’s always confusing changing time zones because it throws off all your calls and meetings.

Most of Arizona doesn’t change their clocks for daylight saving time so, for most of the year they are 3 hours behind New York instead of 2 hours (like the rest of the mountain time zone).

I found us a campsite that is just outside the Grand Canyon NP and has full hookup for the RV.  Kaibab Camper City is the name of the place and it turned out to be a very beautiful campground deep in the woods. It’s also 8000 feet up in the mountains and it was nice and cool.

There is absolutely nothing here except this campground and a gas station but, we are as close as we can get the entrance of the national park.  It’s roughly a 40 minute trip to the park entrance and about 1 hour to the rim of the Grand Canyon.

When we arrived at the campground, I started up the Jeep to disconnect it from the RV and the AC condenser started hissing out air.  So, the AC is no longer working in the Jeep.  That really stinks. 

One of the things I never really liked about the jeep is that the AC condenser has no protection from rocks flying up off the road.  The front grill has large bars with 2 inch openings where a rock could fly through and cause damage.  It finally caught up with me.

We got settled into our spot at the campground and set up for the night.  It is so quiet and beautiful here.

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