Day 375 – Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City has grown a lot since the last time I was here.  It seems to have spread out in every direction.  The traffic was intense and the people did not come off as inviting. 

Additionally, everything in the city was closed.  No watering holes, swimming pools, mini golf or other family fun activities. Even the museums where closed.

The girls played with a few friends they meet yesterday.  Sydney meet a girl named Sydney and the two of them became besties.

Jenn and I handled business calls all day and also managed to get out to do some grocery shopping.

Everything we really wanted to see in Salt Lake City was hours away and the kids were not interested in driving.

The salt flats where 2 hours away and Park City was a 50 minute drive in the opposite direction.  We decided to let it go. The kids were having fun playing with other kids and Jenn and I agreed it was too far to travel with them after the 6 1/2 hour drive yesterday. So we skipped the exploring and let them be kids.

Jenn and I decided that if we can’t find fun places to visit near by and we can’t get a good nights sleep then we should leave Salt Lake City.

So, thats the plan for tomorrow.  I’m going to find us someplace new to experience tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Day 375 – Salt Lake City

  1. “The traffic was intense and the people did not come off as inviting.” This one sentence is a great summation of our one-day experience in Salt lake City in 2018 too. The drivers there were maniacs, we felt, speeding and switching lanes like crazy. Really didn’t seem to match the peaceful paradise the Mormons make it out to be. 🙂 I also think they should open their church buildings up for tourists, because I would have loved to see them more.


    1. The main highway (Rt. 15) is 5 lanes wide in each direction and at one point the right lane just ended without warning. I has to merge my 64 ft rig over one lane while moving at 70 mph and no one would let me in. I handled it like a New Yorker and forced someone to slow down but, I was surprised to see that reaction from other motorists.

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