Day 374 – Jackson Hole to Salt Lake City

The drive from Jackson Hole to Salt Lake city was awesome.  We actually extended the trip to see a place called Bear Lake. 

Bear Lake is a turquoise mountain lake that spans the border between Idaho and Utah.  

So, I know that your thinking….wait a minute…you were in Wyoming.  Your right, I left Wyoming and drove west into Idaho.  Then I headed south through Idaho until I hit Utah.

Jenn and I really wanted to see a little bit of Idaho and it was a beautiful trip through one more state that we weren’t sure we would see. 

We had orginally planned to travel through Sun Valley Idaho but, due to our shortened schedule we just couldn’t make it that far west.

Bear lake was awesome and I included a picture so you can see it for yourself. 

Bear Lake

This place is a getaway for lots of folks and there are some gorgeous homes built along the lake and up in the mountains with lake views.

As we travelled along the lake we entered Utah and continued out of the mountians and back to the interstate. 

About 6 1/2 hours after departing from Jackson Hole, we arrived in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City was very locked down.  Everything at the campground was shuttered and the kids were sad.  The pool, hot tub and the playground were closed and roped off in yellow ribbon.

I pulled out the hoverboards for Kate and Sydney and they took off to explore the campground.  An hour later they had meet 3 friends and were trading messenger names so they could text each other.

The girls have no problem meeting friends.  They find friends everywhere they go.  We have to slow them down most days and remind them to keep some distance while still having fun.

We got the RV all setup. Slides went out, hooked up the power, water, emptied all the tanks and leveled the rig for a good nights sleep.

At about midnight a freight train rolled past the campground.  It was probably a 1/2 mile away but, it felt like it was right outside the window.  As it rolled through town it layed on its whistle through every intersection and let me tell you, there was no sleeping through that.  I looked at Jenn and was shaking my head.

I eventually fell back to sleep and then another train rolled through at 2am, followed by another at 3:45am and another at 5am.  By the time I got out of bed, the next morning, I was a zombie in need of a strong cup of coffee.


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