Day 373 – Beaver Pond Again

The kids had such a great time at Beaver Pond yesterday that we decided to go back again today.
Our kids don’t get enough time playing with other kids and they really need that.

The pond is refreshing, has lots of kayaks, paddle boards and even a canoe for the kids. There is also a raft that they can swim out to.  Its the perfect escape from the everyday.

They are making memories and we couldn’t help but, let them do it.
After the pond everyone was shot.  They didn’t want to do anything else but, we dragged them to Jackson Hole Ski Resort so they could see it before we leave tomorrow.

When we arrived we found out that the gondola was free from 5pm until 6pm when it closes.  So, we all jumped into the gondola and went to the top of the mountain.

We finished up our day walking through the resort shops and then headed home for dinner.  I really enjoyed the Jackson Hole experience to end the day.

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