Day 372 – Visiting friends and Beaver Pond

Jenn’s business friend Jenny Carr lives in the southern part of Jackson Hole and we plan to visit her today.  

If you remember, we already meet them a few days ago when they hunted us down in our campsite at Colter Bay in Grand Teton.

We drove about 15 minutes south to their house today and hung out with them on their deck.  Their house in on a creek with a deck that juts out over the flowing stream.  It’s a little piece of paradise being there.

We all put our feet in the river until they went numb from the freezing cold water and shared a ton of stories about our trip and their adventures in Jackson Hole.

 After about 2 hours we decided to drive another 7-8 minutes down the road to Beaver Pond where the kids could play in some warmer water.  It wasn’t much warmer then Jenny’s creek but, it was warm enough and the kids had a blast.

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