Day 371 – Traveling to Jackson Hole WY

We drove down through Grand Teton National Park today and really loved the voyage. 

We caught sight of deer, elk and field full of bison as we drove.  The heard of bison was a real treat.

Driving into the town of Jackson Hole was a real surpise for me.  I was expecting a real laid back relaxed western mountain town and instead found a tourist hot spot.  I had no idea.  

It turns out that the people who live here don’t really consider the town to be their’s. It’s more of a business hub for the national parks and ski resorts.

We drove right through the heart of town with our rig and found our way to our RV park as fast as possible.  I was very worried about making the turns in town with the busy streets and pedestrians everywhere but, we got through it just fine.

After setting up our campsite we drove back into town with the Jeep and checked out a few stores before heading back home for dinner.  I plan to see some other parts of Jackson Hole tomorrow that don’t include t-shirt shops and souvenirs.

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