Day 369 – Jenny Carr Surprise

Jenn and I went biking around the campground today to get our bearings.  Colter Bay is a very large area with over 400 campsites, a marina, an amphitheater, general store, restaurant, laundromat and cabins.  

We bought a map of the place so we wouldn’t get lost.  As we drove around the campground we found Jackson Lake and a great swimming area to bring the kids later.

We went back to our rig after the ride, made lunch for everyone and got everyone into their swim suits.  The lake was freezing and I personally only put my feet in.  The kids got wet but only Jenn took the plunge into the ice cold lake. 

She immediately got herself out of the freezing water and we all laughed that she was the only adult in the lake.  I usually follow Jenn’s lead but, even I have a line and she crossed it today.  That lake was cold!!!

We dried off, hopped in the Jeep and headed back to our campsite for warm clothes. 

As we were unpacking the towels and waterbottles from the car we were surpised by Jenn’s friend Jenny Carr from Jackson Hole.  She was very close by rafting in Grand Teton and though it would be fun to surpise us. 

They drove through 400 sites looking for our rig and miraculously found us. Wow!

I started up a campfire, we showed them our rig and had a good conversation around the fire to finish up the evening.

That was a great surprise afternoon.

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