Day 365 – Guest blogger Luke

Ok so today I’m am writing, yes Luke is writing! Today is a special day, not too many people get to have this experience but it’s 1 full year on the road.

Last year on June 30th we left New York and got on our adventure, and I’ve gotta tell you there has been so many ups and downs. Like some of you know this about me but I really like to stay home and just play board games and get creative and this trip isn’t really like that.

Now some of the sights we all see and the memories we have had are awesome but there are some times where I just don’t want to leave my house or whatever you call it.

I’m gonna summarize yesterday as best I can but I’m gonna be honest it was really nothing much except for an extremely close golo match, golo is just like a dice golf game it’s really fun and it was intense. I ended up winning though so I can’t complain.

It was rainy and freezing yesterday and I think it snowed in Yellowstone which is 30 minutes from us. Overall so far I can’t stand Wyoming. It’s always rainy, windy, cold and it’s the beginning of July. I want warmer weather. Also it’s mostly farmland except for a couple small towns.

There was a town a couple days ago in Wyoming that had a population of 4. Like never in my life! My mom asked if one of the 4 people passed away do they change the sign to 3.

We all got a laugh out of that.

Fun fact! There are more cows than people in Wyoming.

Just thinking back I just don’t quite understand how it has been an entire year. Like from day 1. And I also am thinking to myself how did I survive in this, my room is the upper half of a closet, that’s where I sleep and where all of my stuff stays.

And recently my sisters made our kitchen table into there bed because they didn’t like theirs. What kind of table doesn’t turn into a bed?? So I’m eating with my leg as a table – it doesn’t quite work but we live with it.

This trip has been full of excitement and disappointment. Like when COVID 19 hit we didn’t go anywhere for 3 months and even now every store we go into we wear a mask which gets extremely annoying after about 45 seconds.

We still have about 3 weeks left in the trip until we move into our new house.
My school was supposed to start August 5 but it’s been postponed until at least the 17th which I am so happy about because now I have more time in the new house!

This week we are going to Yellowstone to see some amazing, mountains, animals and geysers. So in the next couple days expect more adventures.

And 1 more fun fact Yellowstone National Park is 2.5 times bigger than Long Island, NY where we used to live.

I just think of it that way – it has a 7 hour loop to drive so it’s going to get exciting, assuming the weather gets nicer.

That’s it for my 1 year blog!

2 thoughts on “Day 365 – Guest blogger Luke

  1. I am SO EXCITED for you guys to see Yellowstone! My partner and I went there for the first time in October 2018 (yes, we got snowed on), and I desperately want to go back again as soon as we can. It was BEYOND INCREDIBLE in SO MANY WAYS! Enjoy!!!


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