Day 365 + 1 year later Jenn’s thoughts…

Yeaterday was June 30, 2020 and it was DAY 365 on the road!!(Well 366 if you count the leap year we had but who’s counting!)

Exactly 1 year ago today we closed our doors in New York and moved into our 40 foot RV – (Leap of) Faith.

I’ve been looking for words all day to capture my feelings.

I can’t find them.

There isn’t one.

There are SO many.

What I will say about our 1 year “free falling” into the next best version of ourselves is that I’ve learned a lot about life that I couldn’t learn in school or if we decided to stay put in NY!

Here’s what I learned in no particular order:

  1. The net appears when you have faith.
  2. Life is very short
  3. This is a beautiful country I live in
  4. People are inheritantly good + kind
  5. South Dakota supports Trump
  6. I’ve had more success than I could EVER have imagined and not talking about all the money I have in the bank. That’s replaceable. Success is what I’m doing with my life every way.
  7. Bravery and courage come from DOING.
  8. I was actually rich in NY. I just didn’t know it.
  9. Living in 40 ft of space with 5 people will teach you more about yourself than 30 years in therapy
  10. You can do ANYTHING if you set your mind to it you just have to BELIEVE
  11. Joe Edden is a modern day super man/ MacGyver. That man can leap tall buildings with a wrench in one hand and some dice in the left hand so he can play GOLO with the kids while fixing something else that just broke!!!
  12. Magic IS everywhere. You just have to be open to seeing it.
  13. Miracles exist.
  14. Taking cold showers for 12 days won’t kill you. It’s a great rejuvenator
  15. You can spend just as much money living in an RV as you do in a house if you’re not watching
  16. Organic Food can be found is pretty much every state and in every store! Unless you’re in South Dakota then good luck
  17. I buy more than enough food for our rig to last us at least 2 weeks but I always think we’re running low. #italianissues
  18. I miss my family,
    friends, cousins and aunts and uncles on the east coast but other than that I’m glad we left
  19. We haven’t grilled outdoors once in a year. Heck we don’t even have a grill. It was never about the time. I don’t like doing it
  20. I’m a full blown home body and so are my kids. We go out but sometimes we could stay home and not even leave the rig and be ok with it! Joe not so much.
  21. You can do anything you want in life with support. Anything. The only limitations we have are those we have in our minds. I’ve exploded my biz with the help of some amazing women and started a Sugar Freedom Method Movement while travelling, under tremendous stress, moving constantly with no real exercise or schedule and don’t get me started on the limited internet!! I just wanted it badly enough and I had the focus and support!
  22. Life is happening now. Like now now.
    When it rains and we’re stuck inside life is happening. When we didn’t find our next home yet and I was stuck in Flagstaff because of Covid that was still my life. And when we started moving again to see more of the country before school starts that’s still my life.

Our life is happening now and I no longer take anything I have for granted.

It’s honestly all a gift.

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