Day 361 – Camping in Cody or is it Day 365? Whoops

Either way we are still in Cody. Our campsite is about 30 minutes from the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park and we are excited to get there.

However, we woke up today to torrential rain which started at about 11pm and continued all night. It’s also 45 degrees outside and even colder in Yellowstone.

The clouds outside looked very dark and ominous. Jenn said that the sky looked scary, if you could describe it that way. It’s not a day for Yellowstone Park and tomorrow doesn’t look much better. It’s supposed to snow in the park today and possible tomorrow as well. Can you believe that?

We waited all day for the rain to stop but, it kept raining and raining.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

With that said, I realized that we are off a few days with our blog. We must have missed a day or 5 somewhere in the last year because according to my calendar today is actually “Day 365” of a leap year. Tomorrow is June 30th, one year from the day that we left NY. It’s hard to believe an entire year has passed but, here we are.

Tomorrow Luke will be writting the blog. He likes to write a blog every 50 days or so and he promised he would post the year end blog. So, get ready for the excitement tomorrow.

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