Day 360 – Traveling from Devils Tower to Yellowstone

Ok.  We are actually only going as far as Cody, WY today which is 30 minutes east of Yellowstone but, we are getting closer.

We started out the day with an early morning 7am trip to Devils Tower.
We wanted to get some early morning pictures and get the kids moving early.  It was a great experience and the kids loved it.

We also stopped on the way out of the park and checked out a field of prairie dogs.  The prairie dogs come right up to you and I get the feeling that someone is feeding them.

They put massive signs all over the place that say “Don’t feed the prairie dogs” but, they appear to be overly friendly so, some people obviously don’t follow the rules.

We also stopped by the Devils Tower Trading Post were a bison happened to be passing through.  The bison was actually on the other side of a nice sturdy fence which was great!

We packed up the rig and headed out around 10am for a 6 hour journey across Wyoming.  We rolled through some very small towns, saw some small homes and a lot of cows along our voyage.

We didn’t arrive in Cody Wyoming until about 6pm in the evening and from there we drove through the Buffalo Bill State Park. There is a large dam in the State Park that creates a powerful river below that rages down the mountain canyon and through Cody.

As you approach the dam, at the top of the mountain, the road disappears into a tunnel that is “cave like” and takes you about 1500 ft through a mountain that empties out above the dam. Buffalo Bill Reservoir is all you can see when come out of the tunnel and it’s a huge lake that covers 8000 acres.

The entire area is beautiful and our campground for the week was only about 5 miles up the road.

We checked in and had our RV all setup for the evening by 6pm.  What a long travel day.

We don’t usually travel 6+ hours in one day but, there was no place of any interest between Devils Tower and here to stop so we decided to make the long voyage.

Now it’s time to sleep!

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