Day 359 – Devils Tower

Got out to Devils Tower today but, the park was slammed early in the day and we ended up taking a dirt road off to a trailhead for a hike in the park instead.  

The parking area at the visitors center was under construction and there was a 1/2 mile of cars waiting to get in.  We decided that we would just come back later in the day for the close up view of the tower and we headed off to hike. 

There was a very cool trail that went through the ponderosa pines and gave us incredible views of the tower from across a meadow.  We hiked up about 1000 ft. of trail to the top of a large hill and took in the experience from there.
The kids get blown out quickly so we try our best not to overdue it.

After the hike we headed back towards the entrance and came across a field full of prairie dogs.  We all hopped out of the Jeep and the prairie dogs come right to you.  They didn’t get any closer then 3 ft away but, we were all happy with that.

We stayed at the Devils Tower KOA which happens to be right at the entrance to the park.  This campground had an awesome playgound and the kids had a blast on the jungle gym and spinning platform that they had me spin for them.  Luke called it the “nauseator” because it makes you feel sick if you stay on that thing to long. Lol.

Anyway, they played on that thing until they couldn’t any more and then we played a little cornhole.

We went back to the park at 8pm and only a few people were there and it was so nice!

We planned that well and took the tower trail around the base of Devils Tower. 

We saw a few deer and heard a rattlesnake in the distance as we were finishing up the loop. The sun set on the tower and we headed back to our campsite.

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