Day 357 – Thursday – Needles Highway Drive

Today we drove a 50 mile stretch of road in South Dakota called Needles Highway.  It runs through Custer State Park and, as the story goes, was deemed an impossible road to build. 

Well they built it, all the same, and it’s beautiful.

Rock spires shoot up from the top of mountains giving it the name “Needles” and there are about 6 places along the route where you drive through narrow single lane tunnels that go stright through solid rock.  You have to look down the tunnels to make sure no one is coming in the opposite direction before you start driving through them.

I’ve never driven a road like this and the motorhome wouldn’t even fit through the tunnels (In height or width).  We knew this and drove the Jeep to explore this area.

The kids got out and jumped on the rocks at a couple of places and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We even caught a few glimpses of Mount Rushmore in the distance as we drove through the park. 

I never thought I would enjoy a drive as much as I did but, it was a very beautiful and fascinating place.  The entire family thought it was awesome, which rarely happens. Lol

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