Day 355 – Tuesday

Today we took a long overdue – day off.  We’ve been going pretty strong for several days now and every once in a while we need a day to just collect ourselves and unwind.

I’ve been working on a national parks puzzle that I started with the kids last night and that is my escape from the chaos for today. 

I had all the kids helping me with it yesterday but, the support has dwindled and now only Cailtlin and Sydney are helping in 10-15 minute bursts.

I handled the meals today, helped the kids with a few things and just relaxed while hammering away at the 1000 piece puzzle with any downtime that I came upon.  Even Jenn put her laptop and cell phone down for a few minutes of puzzle time.

This was a nice way to enjoy a day with the family and we all had a good time.  Luke took a mid-day nap which tells you exactly where we all are.

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