Day 353 – Estes Park CO to Mt. Rushmore SD

We got out of Estes Park at about noon and headed straight to Mt. Rushmore.  
We did not get through as much of the trip yesterday, as I expected.  As such, we had about a 6 hour voyage ahead of us today

Northern Colorado is very flat and open land.  I would almost call it boring but, you can look back to the south and take in the Rocky Mountains anytime to feel like it.  About 2 hours into the trip we crossed the border into Wyoming and traveled through the city of Cheyenne. 

Wyoming started out slow with some rolling hills and then we saw rock buttes and some incredible mountains as we continued northeast toward Mt. Rushmore.

Jenn took over and drove the RV for short while in Wyoming. We had wide open roads and I thought it would be a great time to get her behind the wheel. She was a natural and it was fun watching her take command.

I stopped for gas and made lunch at a very rundown roadside gas station along the route.  It was honestly the only truckstop type gas station we had seen the entire voyage and I really wanted to get some diesel in the RV.  Plus Diesel at this place was $2.05 cents per gallon. I haven’t seen diesel prices that low since we started out trip last June.

We can go about 600 miles on a full tank of diesel and when you are travling 400 miles in one day, like we are today, the fuel goes fast. 
One of our biggest issue can be finding truckstops big enough to get our rig into and out of without having to disconnect the Jeep. 

In Estes Park we had to disconnect the Jeep and maneuver the rig into a standard gas station because they had no truck stops.  This is very time consuming and a lot of work so, I try to avoid being in a position where I have to get gas immediately. I like to keep the fuel tank about 1/2 full all the time or 1/2 empty, whichever way you see it.

After fueling up the rig and ourselves with a good lunch we headed back out on the highway. About 30 minutes later we crossed the border into South Dakota.

When we finally rolled into Keystone SD it was about 4pm.  We were able to see the presidents faces up on the mountain as we drove up the main access road and the kids couldn’t believe it.

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