Day 350 – Thursday

Jenn and I put in a solid morning of work today.  Following up with clients for me and live coaching for Jenn.

The kids had fun playing and Jenn snuck out for a quick hike with Sydney before lunch. 

We have a small mountain behind our campgound that is about 100 feet tall.  Everyone here uses that area to walk dogs, take hikes and get a good view of the sunsets at night.  It gets you up and out of the campsite environment quickly.

Picture from the top of the RV park mountain.

It became very overcast and rained in the afternoon.  We decided watch a movie and after some discussion I talked the kids into watching Avatar.  They had never seen this movie before and it was exciting watching them take it in.

After the movie, I hoped in the Jeep and headed out to see my friend John at his house in Denver.

We enjoyed a beer and some Mexican food while catching up with each other.  It seems so sureal sometimes that I am hanging out with my childhood friend in Denver, CO.

I made it back to the RV by 9:45pm and said goodnight to the kids before dropping off myself.

What a great day. 

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