Day 349 – Bouncing around Denver

We went out food shopping today in Denver and drove around a bit taking in the Lakewood area of Denver.  This is a suburb of Denver and reminded me of the busiest areas of Long Island. 

It seems very busy for a day in coronavirus times. Everyone had there masks on but, no one is staying a home.  Most people aren’t even wearing a mask.

I had to grab a few RV related items so, we went to a Walmart first.  The guy at the door was counting how many people were in the store and the counter said 297.  That’s a lot of people in one store! 

I ran in without Jenn and the kids, grabbed what I needed and got out of there fast. I took advantage of the “scan and go” checkout aisle to avoid any interaction.

The Whole Foods was less crowded and we were all thankful for that.  I not sure people are usung there heads around the phased openings.  I hope this country keeps it together and we don’t end up in lockdowns again.


John came by to see us again tonight and brought his dog “Fernando” to meet us.  The girls were in love and took him on a walk though the campground.
We all chilled out and played a few games of cornhole while chatting about what ever came to mind.

We had another great evening and John departed a little earlier than usual due to work tomorrow.

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