Day 348 – Tuesday – Golden/Boulder Colorado

After breakfast today, Luke and I headed to Golden for haircuts.  It’s always nice spending some father-son time with Luke.  We found a great place and managed to keep our masks on while having our haircuts.

I’m growing my hair a bit but, it was getting way out of hand and seriously needed a trim.  Luke on the otherhand got his standard hair cut and probably took 3 inches off his head.  He looked like a new person and I noticed that his face had changed a bit.  He got a year older on this trip and he’s been growing taller.

Sometimes you catch a moment when you see your kids “grownup” face and you realize that they are getting older.  I had that moment today.

After haircuts we went into the town of Golden together.  We parked the car at the town park and walked from there to a local smoothie place for a cold drink.  Everyone in town is wearing facemasks and, to our surpise, almost every shop in town was open.

What a stud!

On the way back we noticed lots of people playing in the park. There was also a large group of people in the river next to the park.  Some just getting there feet wet but, a group of 5 people with surf boards, wake boards and kayaks.  Running the waves down river and then coming back up river to do it again. Wakeboarding and kayaking in the river

Coors Brewery!

In the afternoon we headed up to Boulder CO to show Jenn and the kids that beautiful place.  I always loved the feel of Boulder and its a very popular and somewhat expensive city to live in.  It took us about 35 minutes to drive up from Golden and the drive is very peaceful as you crusie past lakes, farmland, cows and horses.  The mountians to the west are also very beautiful.

We drove through town, stopped at a few places, walked through the Pearl Street outdoor mall and popped into a few stores.  Due to Covid they only let about 8 people into the stores at the same time.  So, it feels very safe and you basically have the entire store to yourself.

We grabbed a few green drinks at a place called “Wonder” and that kept the kids going for a little bit longer.  Eventually, the kids couldn’t take any more walking and we had to call it a night.

When we arrived back at our campsite for the evening we all agreed to watch a movie and unwind from the day.  With everyone a little worked over from the day, we decided to have movie night in our bed. So, everyone climbed into the king bed and we watched a movie together.  They each slowly passed out and another day came to a close.

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