Day 347 – Monday – Denver/Golden

We woke up to a beautiful day in the Denver area.  Our campsite is actually in Golden Colorado which is right on the outskirts of Denver and much closer to the mountains.  This is also the home of the Coors Brewery and is a very beautiful, but small, college town.

After breakfast, Luke and I started a game of cornhole at our campsite.  The morning temp was nice but soon gave way to 88 degree weather that pushed us back inside to cool off.  

Luke and I are badly in need of a haircut and I tried to find a place to gelo but, all the haircutters are closed on Mondays.  So, this will have to wait until tomorrow.

At about 2:30pm the entire family headed to Denver to meet my long time friend John and we all grabbed a smoothie near his home.  

John and I grew up in Huntington NY and went to the same grammar school.  We got into a lot of trouble growing up, meeting girls, throwing parties and trying our best to have fun.  We excelled at getting into trouble but, sometimes you need to have fun regardless of what the adults around us would say.  

I have great memories of that time in my life and am thankful that I wasn’t sitting at home playing too much Donkey Kong or watching MTV.  John was always keeping me plugged into the social scene and I was always fixing up my car, installing a new car stereo system (for myself and my friends) or planning another house party.

So, John and I go way back and it’s always nice reconnecting with your childhood friends.  I don’t have another friend in the world that I have know as long as John and when we see eachother we always pick back up as if no time has passed.  We are both getting older but, the friendship is as good as ever.

John came back to our campsite for a real glamping experience this evening.  We made a taco dinner, followed by a cornhole competition, craft beers that John brought with him and movie night around our firepit, on the outside TV.

We spent most of the time catching up and sharing lifetime stories, discussing business, life, my kids and some of our trip highlights.  We talked and laughed until the sun went down and said goodnight and until next time.

What a great day it was!

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