Day 346 – Driving to Denver

Well, all good things must come to an end at some point and today is the day we leave beautiful Glenwood Canyon. We had a ton of fun here and are leaving with great memories and a bad sunburn.

The sun came up early today and it was 80 degrees outside by the time we departed around 11:30am.  Jenn and I snuck in a 20 minute hike this morning amidst the madness of leaving.  We found out there was a trail that followed a small brook into the canyon behind our campsite. So, we decided to check it out quickly and get in a little activity before our 3 hour drive to Denver.

We didn’t leave ourselves enough time to really enjoy a hike but, it was nice enough just seeing the brook and taking in a few of the homes in NO NAME.  We couldn’t find the trail and we had to get back to make check out time.  We really had fun here and will never forget this place.

On the way out we experienced a freight train which came through the canyon across the Colorado river from our campsite.  The kids all looked across the river and listened to the click-a-tee-clack of the train rolling by.  The scene was something from a post card.

We happened to see our raft guide, Taylor, from yesterday’s rafting adventure. She had just finished a morning tour and was walking by.  

I said hello and asked if she experienced any more hail today.  She got a good laugh from that coment and said that she’s all hailed out after yesterday. I’m sure “hail” in not the norm around here.

We jumped on the interstate and headed east towards Denver and Summit county.  The road ahead was a drive through the white capped rockies, past Arrowhead, Beaver Creek and Vail ski resorts.  I love the rocky mountains.

We decided to grab lunch in a small mountain town called Frisco which sits at 9097ft in ski country.  Jenn and I have been here before and even stayed that the Frisco Hotel years ago before we had any children.  We used to ski the rockies every winter back then. It seems like a lifetime ago and we have nothing but great memories of that time in our lives.

Frisco was everything we thought it would be.  They town is filled with small shops, street vendors in pop up tents, hotels, sporting shops, bike rentals, small parks, bars and restaurants. We found a nice place on Main Street to eat lunch and had the most incredible food.

After lunch the girls did a little shopping. Luke and I played a game of Jenga that was out on a table.  This was a big set of Jenga made from 2×4’s and we pulled out every one of the boards possible until there was no option but to pull something that would make it fall.  So, in other words, I lost!

We jumped back in the rig after lunch and got back on the highway towards Denver.  We hit a lot of traffic coming down out of the mountains and didn’t reached Denver at 5:15pm.  

We checked in a setup camp for the week.

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