Day 345 – Saturday Rafting the Colorado River

Today we rafted down the Colorado River through Glenwood Springs CO and had the most incredible weather I have ever experienced. 

It actually hailed at one point during our adventure, to the kids dismay. We were caught in a popup storm that unleashed torrential rain on us that turned into hail about mid-way through the 20 minute storm.  It was very cold for about 20 minutes and the cold water from the colorado river didn’t do much to help. 

Luke was sitting next to me shaking but, it was impossible to warm him up because of our life vests.  Our rafting guide brought the raft to the edge of the river, after a large wave of cold water soaked us. 

It turns out that there are hot springs along the edge of the river with piping hot water coming straight out of the ground.  The hot springs water is at 109 degrees which, burns if you step into it directly, which we all did and then quickly jumped out.  We were all freezing and the steam rising up from the hot spring looked like an inviting place to be until we stepped into the burning hot water and were forced to back out quickly.  

The people who live along the river, built up piles of rocks to form a few large tubs where the cold river water filters through to join with the burning hot spring water. We all jumped into to warm hot tub like experience and got our core temperatures back up before continuing the journey down river.

The sun did finally come out and, let me tell you, the warm sun was a welcomed bit of heaven.  We were beginning to think we were rafting in Canada, it was so cold. It’s hard to shake off the cold when you are soaking wet and wearing clothing for an 85 degree day. We actually joked about the fact that all had suntun lotion on (which we really needed yesterday at the hot springs).

The rapids were a blast, Jenn and the kids had never experienced an adventure like this before and the large waves of water coming over the front of the raft were eye opening for them.

Jenn shared with me that Caitlin gave her this look of “what the hell was that” when one of the first big waves hit us.  She was totally soaked with the 65 degree Colorado River and wasn’t sure what to say or think about that.  LOL

During one of the rapids, the entire raft experienced a 3 foot wave that just soaked us all to the core.  Luke said, “the river water tastes great” which left us all on stiches laughing.  I guess he had his mouth open for that one. Hahahaha….

The van ride back was heated and all of us got our numb fingers back.  We really loved that adventure.

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