Day 344 – Glenwood Hot Springs

Today we went to the largest hot springs pool in the world.  It holds over 1 million gallons of water which has over 20 minerals in it. These are considered to be therapy pools and they feel awesome. 

The hot springs in Glenwood Canyon actually come out of the ground at 109 degrees and have to be cooled to 104 so you can enjoy them.  The larger pool in cooled to 90 degrees and I was told they use the hot springs to heat the water for everything in the resort.

This resort has something the kids loved called chutes.  They pump warm water down a lazy river type track but, it’s not so lazy.  The water is moving fast and its a total blast to ride the track in a tub.  We even played games passing each other around the turns or as we are in the chutes themselves.  We formed log jams, held on to each other, laughed and laughed and rode it again and again.

We all got a nice sunburn on and decided to call it a day.  I’m sure I put on a few layers of suntan lotion but, it didn’t seem to do much.  Everyone was red and we really needed to get out of there.

We hopped into our Jeep and drove to town for some ice cream to cool down.  We found a place in town that makes their own organic ice cream and it was awesome. 

The town of Glenwood Springs feels like a new town but, has some of the charm of an older town.  So, it’s clean and neat but, has a few older buildings.  This town is also a gateway town to Aspen and Snowmass.  If you are heading to those mountains from I-70 you need to go through town and make you way down the road, about an hour.

Tomorrow we go rafting and we really needed to get the kids to bed so they could get up tomorrow.  We picked up some aloe on the way home to treat the sunburn and we all found our beds quickly when we returned to the RV for the night.

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