Day 343 – Thursday in Glenwood Springs

We woke up in beautiful Glenwood Springs and can’t get enough of this huge canyon we are in.  Steep cliff walls on all sides covered in lush evergreen trees.  It’s unreal.

We unpacked our camping chairs, cornhole and toys to get the day started.
Jenn and I took a bike ride down along the Colorado River and into Glenwood Springs to check out the town quickly.
We found a few hot spots (no pun intended) but, the hot springs in town look awesome and there are lots of people enjoying that place.

We hiked back out of the canyon on our bikes and up to NO NAME again.  The ride down was relaxing while the ride back was a steady climb on our mountain bikes. 

I love a good bike ride and so does Jenn so this was exactly what we signed up for and was an enjoyable workout to start the day.

We got back to the campground and signed up the family for a rafting trip this Saturday.  Now we have a plan for the week.

We took the kids into town for a pizza dinner after a long day enjoying our camp site, playing cornhole and meeting the neighbors around us. 

The girls found some friends to play with and Jenn and I walked around the resort and down to the roaring Colorado river to take it in.

 Another great day on our adventure has come to close.

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