Day 342 – Wednesday- Move day

We woke up this morning and Jenn and I jumped on our mountain bikes for an early morning ride.

Today we rode a path along the edge of the mighty Colorado river and traveled about 3 miles up river to the very end of the trail.  We passed a state campground and took in all the beauty of the shear cliff walls and the roaring river.

Sometimes I have to think back to remember how I got here.  It’s so incredible.

We circled back on the same trail and crossed the river on a tremendous pedestrian bridge.  We rode further north on a canyon trail that eventually ended when we reached an Arches National Park land sign that restricts bicycles. “Hiking only”

So, once again we circled back and this time it was for our home on wheels.

Today is a move day and we had a lot of work to do before we could get on the road.  Our plan for the day is to travel to Glenwood Springs CO which is about 3 hours from Moab. 

We packed up all of our toys, bikes, camping chairs and sports equipment.  At about noon we pulled out of Moab for our next destination.

We never made it to Canyonlands National Park but, someday we will come back.

The drive to Glenwood Springs was beautiful.  As we drove we saw the red rocks of Moab slowly disappear and be replaced by rolling mountains and then finally tall evergreen cover mountains that take your breath away.  I always had a place in my heart for the Colorado mountains.  I just can’t get enough.

We rolled through Glenwood Springs and our campground was acually about 1 mile further east in NO NAME Colorado.  Yes, the town is called “No Name” and not many people live here but, it contains to a few beautiful mountian homes, hiking trails, a small river and the campground we are staying at called the Glenwood Canyon Resort.

The Glenwood Canyon Resort is an awesome resort tucked neatly into a canyon between the interstate highway and the Colorado river.  The air is so clean and pure.  It’s like a little piece of heaven.

They have zip lines, an elevated rope course and white water rafting here. Unfortunately, the ropes course and ziplines are closed right now due to the ‘rona but, will definitely be doing some rafting this week.

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