Day 341 – Tuesday – Last full day in Moab

Today is our last full day in Moab and I was determined to make it to Canyonlands today. However, Jenn woke up with a headache today and we all have to deal with an occational off day. 

To be honest, I’m impressed at how healthy we all are on a daily basis.  Knock on wood….no one has gotten sick since we left NY last June.  Maybe a few sniffles here and there but, nothing that lasted more than a day or two and nothing that majorly affected our plans.

When Jenn woke with a headache I pulled out my massage hands and went to work fixing that.  It may have been the mountain biking from the day before or possibly just a bad sleeping posture but, by 2pm-ish we had her back up and moving again.  

Since Canyonlands National Park is a 45 minute drive from Moab and it was now 2pm, we decided instead to hike to the delicate arch in Arches National Park.

That was a good call.  Within an hour we were at the trail head with our water packs full and snacks ready.  The hike up to the Arch is 3 miles and takes you up a solid rock face with no shade at all.  It’s brutal in the heat but, we brought lots of water and throughly enjoyed the hike.

It was definitely the highlight of our trip to Moab.

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