Day 339 – Sunday

After a long day of hiking yesterday everyone agreed that we were not doing any hiking today.  Plus, with the large weekend crowd in Moab, Arches National Park was full by 8 or 9am and it didn’t usually open back up until about 3pm

The locals told us how it works and we just played along.

Instead of hitting the park, we decided to visit Moab today.  The town of Moab is not very large. The part of town where everyone walks around is about 6 blocks long and it can’t really grow because of natural boundaries.  The Colorado River runs along one side and the mountains are on the other. 

All the rocks here are red and very reminiscent of Sedona with color.  The major difference is that Moab is in a canyon with high plateau’s on both sides.  

The downtown area is basically Main Street (Rt.100) with lots of beautiful stores, resturants, t-shirt shops, clothing, trading posts, outdoor cafes and even a section for food trucks with sun sails hanging above to keep the sun off you. 

Downtown Moab

We walked around with the kids and put our face masks on if we walked into any stores.  We bought a few small things and went to the food coop before heading back home for the day.

One of my foot clip straps on my mountain bike snapped last week so I stopped into the local bike shop to pick up a replacement set of straps.  The name of the bike shop was the Poison Spider and Caitlin wanted to know who would ever shop here.  She did not like the name.

I walked in and asked for foot clip straps and the guy in the bike shop yells, “Hey, Mike, do we have any of those old school foot pedal straps.” 

I wasn’t aware there was another option other than going with shoes that clip in and at this point felt kind of old school myself. Maybe everyone wears clipless shoes now?

Maybe this is the result of just celebrating my 47th birthday but, I was feeling pretty good about picking up mountain bike parts vs. something for a wheelchair.  Lol

I went back to the RV and installed my new straps and was ready to go for tomorrow.  Then Jenn reminded me that I never installed her new foot clips on her bike and I went to work on that.

It turns out the foot clips we bought for Jenn were slightly to big for Jenn’s pedals and I spent nearly 2 hours retrofitting them to work.  I used a few tools in ways they weren’t intended to work but, I got it done.  The final product is what counts and the pedals looked and worked great after I finished.

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