Day 337 – Friday – Move day

We woke up this morning on a beach surrounded by about 40 other RV’s with the same incredible idea.  Spending family time just steps from Lake Powell is magnificent.

Today is our move day and we are heading about 5 1/2 hours down the road to Moab, UT.  Canyonlands and Arches National Park await us there.  
The kids were in the water before I could serve up breakfast and, despite all the things I had to do to get the rig back on the road, I went into the lake as well. 

The lake water was so cold you had to will yourself in but, due to the extremely hot temperatures it was also hard to stay out.  Jumping in the lake pulls my core temperature way down and helped me cope with the heat. It was terrific.

We ate breakfast, packed all of our stuff back into the rig, hooked up the Jeep behind us and headed out at about 11am.  I was hoping for an earlier start towards Moab, Utah but, everyone was having so much fun I just gave in to it.
Driving our 40,000 lb rig off the sandy beach was exciting with all the back and forth swaying as you hit mounds of sand, holes and bumps but, we made it back to asphalt once again and breathed a sigh of relief.

As we headed out of town we passed over the Glen Canyon Dam bridge on last time and it still feels a little stomach turning driving over a bridge 700 feet in the air but, we made it across the span again today without issue.  Lol.

It turns out that this bridge is one of the tallest bridges in the country based on its 700 foot distance from the river below. Fun fact for the day.

Our journey today took us east through Arizona and then northeast back into Utah.  We drove a few minutes out of our way to make the trip through Monument Valley was was breathtaking.  All the redrock towers and open desert travel was mind blowing.  I remember traveling through here as a child but, I don’t feel like I respected it back then.  

My kids are the same way.  My son Luke said that it was just more red rocks and he couldn’t be bothered. Ho humm….more red rocks!

We took the time to point out a few incredible things to see and took a lot of pictures (as usual).  One day, when they are all more interested, we will show them all the photos.

We arrived in Utah at about 4:30pm and setup camp.  Within an hour we experienced a popup squal storm. 

Wind was spiraling around, small tree branches were snapping and torrential rain fell for about an hour.  It was wild and we were happy when it finally ended. 

I don’t think that is normal for Moab this time of year and you could tell it caught a lot of people off guard.

We settled in for the night and the rain started back up and continued through the night.  It rained and rained for the entire night.

You may not know this but, rain makes a lot of noise on the roof of an RV.  It has the sensation of rain falling on a tin roof.  I personality love that sound and it puts me to sleep but, the kids don’t feel the same way and it took them a little longer than usual to pass out.

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