Day 336 – Thursday – Last full day at Lake Powell

Today started our last full day at Lake Powell and we decided to make a bold move.  We left, our fully paid for, resort campground site and drove our entire RV (with Jeep in tow) to the beach campground in Utah.  This is offically, our first experience boondocking.  Life off the grid is challenging in 100 degree heat but, we figured that the cold water and excellent company at the beach would be extremely welcome by our kids.  They really need some social interaction.
The beach trip was a blast and turned out to be an incredible day for us and our kids.  We meet 2 other family’s from Utah and we had a total blast swimming all day.  I think we were in the lake for 3 hours plus today.  
The only downside, if you could call it that, was the temperature.  It reached 116 on our outside temperature guage in the rig.  We fired up the generator a couple of times to cool down the rig but, it was absolutely useless.  We ran the AC for 45 minutes and the rig colled to 87 degrees.  Then we would turn off the AC and the rig would go back to 105 degrees in about 10 minutes.  
We ended up spending all of our time outside.  We played cornhole, chilled out under our awning and ran for the water when it got too hot. We pulled out the kids sand toys from Florida (buckets, shovels, beach umbrella, floating noodles, etc.) and everyone had a good time.
When the sun finally went down at the end of the day, we took one last dip in the lake to fully cool off.  The 116 degree weather gave way to 98 degree weather and we ran our generator one last time to cool the rig down before bed.  No one slept very well in the 98 degree heat but, we managed to get through it.  Everyone was happy we made the switch to camping on the beach and Jenn even suggested staying one more night but, I didn’t want to delay our trip to Moab so, we moved on.

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