Day 335 – Wednesday

Jenn and I decided that another run the campground beach might kill us in this intense heat. It’s been well over 100 degrees for 3 straight days.  Today it is expected to hit 103.  Ouch thats hot!

The cornhole game is setup at our campsite and offers some fun entertainment with the option to quickly escape into the air conditioned motorhome.  You honestly can’t stand in the direct sun for more than about 20 minutes or you start to severely overheat.

I love the views and the energy in the air here at Lake Powell but, the intense heat (what Luke calls killer heat) is taking the fun out of mid-day.  With fun on my mind, I started looking around for a better place to swim.

I came upon a great watering hole just across the border in Utah.  It was a 5 mile drive up the road and our National Park pass got us all in for free. 

We were sad that the kids were so unhappy in the killer heat but, we weren’t into sitting in the rig all day.  So, we got them out to this cool beach in Utah. Making lemonade everyday!

The watering hole we visited is part of Lake Powell.  I knew Lake Powell was big but, I didn’t know that it was the second largest man made lake in the country.  It is actually 185 miles long and spans across the border into Utah. 

At the park in Utah we were able to drive our Jeep right onto the beach and park a few feet from the lake.  We hopped out and walked about 10 feet to go swimming.  This was so much easier and we are now planning to bring the kids back again tomorrow.

We spent over an hour at the beach and headed back to the RV.  We made dinner as the sun began to set and planned our last event of the day. 

Horseshoe Bend is a must see in Page AZ.  It’s a very beautiful but uncommon 270 degree turn in the Colorado river.  The river just took the path of least resistance and a landmark scenic view was born. 

We couldn’t hike the mile plus distance to the river in the 105 degree heat we saw today. So, we waited until the sun went down and made the hike in 92 degree weather. 

Without the sun “beating down on us” it was an enjoyable hike. Luke said it was so cool looking over the rock ledge down to the river below.  From the scenic overlook you are actually about 1000 feet above the river bed.  It’s a magnificent view that is tough to capture on film.

We hiked back out without issue and headed home for a good nights rest.  We did a lot today and are looking forward to another exciting day tomorrow.

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