Day 334 – Tuesday

After a long day on Monday most of the crew where bushed on Tuesday.  I didn’t think we over did it but, it’s so hot here that it doesn’t take much to burnout (no pun intended).

We took it slow and played some cornhole at the campsite, drank some cold water and did our best to stay cool.  Jenn and I took the girls down to the beach for and hour and 1/2 and we nearly died.  

The temperature on the Jeep thermometer showed 109 degrees when we finally made it back to the car.  Jenn actually had to stop a few times to catch her breath on the long walk up from Lake Powell.  For some reason they put the parking lot a full 3/4 miles from the lake.

If your not really careful you could easily suffer from heat exhaustion when the temperature is that high. We kept drinking water but it wasn’t doing anything to help the situation.
The cool lake was refreshing but, it felt like too much work to get there and back. Humm….not sure what to do about that.

We wrapped up the night with a few games inside the rig and recovered from another hot day in the cool air conditioning.  We’re not really camping, it just looks that way from a distance.

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