Day 332 – Sunday – Move day

Today was a move day!  We finally got the OK from campsites and National Parks to book reservations and today we left Flagstaff.  We’ll be back in 7 weeks but, fully plan to enjoy our summer while we can.

No hikes today.  We needed to get the RV rolling again which entails hours of cleaning, storing items like our firepit, putting away camping chairs, corn hole, frisbies, footballs, roller blades, hoverboards, etc. Sounds a little like cleaning out the garage. Lol

I mentioned yesterday that I got the headlight reinstalled into the motorhome.  While I was doing that, Jenn and Sydney went into town to get their nails done.  It’s great to see Jenn getting some girl time in with Sydney.  We feel that it is so important to spend even a small amount of time with each of the kids, individually.  They enjoy it so much and their entire attitude changes for days afterwards.

They also grabbed a few last minute items from the grocery store before coming home. So, we have a fully stocked rig as we headout into the mid-west.

I made one more last minute decision.  We decided to rent a self storage unit in Flagstaff.  We have been hauling a ton of “extra” items with us as we go.  Some of it was things we picked up along the way but, most of it was things we knew we would need at certain times and don’t need now.

For example we have 5 suitcases we used when we visited our family and friends in NY last December.  We really only needed those items for 10 days while we traveled but, we’ve been storing them in the rig for 11 months.  Can you say storage locker? 

I actually stored about 700 lbs. of stuff like ski jackets, boots, christmas decorations, halloween costumes, school books, winter clothing, etc.  It was cold once but, for the next 7 weeks I don’t think it will drop below 80 degrees.

We pulled out of our KOA campground in Flagstaff at about 11:30am trailering our Jeep Wrangler and headed North to Glen Canyon National Park in Page AZ.  The trip North was incredible.  We truely enjoyed the view around every corner and took tons of pictures as we traveled.  

The mountian views coming into Page was even better then anything we had seen to that point and the kids got a little scared as we cross the bridge over the Glen Canyon Dam. 

As you cross that bridge you are probably about 600 feet above the Colorado river and it can be a bit daunting.  It twists your mind a little when you look down.

Glen Canyon Dam

We rolled into our campground at about 2:30pm and just stared at Lake Powell in all of its glory.  Wow. 


Lake Powell

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