Day 331 – Saturday

Today is my Father’s birthday. It’s one day after my birthday. My father reminds me every year, when we celebrate it together, that he’s had left over birthday cake since I was born and I always remind him who’s fault that was……poor timing on his part.

We started the day out with a call to Grandpa, with the kids, singing Happy Birthday. I reminded him that the cake was all his this year but, I think he was secretly wishing I would be there to share it with him. The old man is 88 today. I’m surprised he lived that long with all I put him through growing up. I was a rebel and maybe I still am a bit. I remember my mother telling me that I was aging her and I excelled at that when I was young but, I was just living life “my way” and I think, once again, they secretly knew that and apprecited my “out of the box” way of getting things done.

To celebrate my father’s birthday I put myself to work. I don’t think I know anyone who worked as hard as my father. He was always starting some type of project, always had a work bench loaded with things that needed to be fixed and never backed away from projects that most of us would insist on hiring a professional to handle.

Today I had to re-installed the headlight in my RV. It’s just a small job but, I learned how to turn a wrench from watching my father do it. I had to pull the light because it was defective. I found out that the replacement part will take some time to acquire so, I had to reinstall the defective one for now.

It just means that the low beam on the passenger side doesn’t work but, I really don’t plan to be doing any night driving so, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

I also packed away as much gear as I could today. I cleaned out the Jeep for traveling, put the bike rack on it, installed the trailering system on the back of the motorhome and put away as many camping chairs as possible.

Tomorrows the big move day!

One thought on “Day 331 – Saturday

  1. 88, my goodness. He’s incredible. I thought we lost him for sure during Hurricane Irene. He went out in a kayak to retrieve something floating away, as I recall, and as we watched the currents of the river-like Lake Pauline pull him further and further from the house, he was suddenly in the water. “Oh, and there he goes,” your mom said. We all started freaking out a bit, but she assured us he’d be fine. Maybe 25 minutes later, he came walking back “into camp”, looking just as he had when he went out on the lake to begin with: determined. Happy Birthday, Mr. Edden! 🙂 (And to you too, “Mr. Edden”, by the way!)


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