Day 330 – Joe’s Birthday – Friday

Today is my birthday. YEAH!

I made a point to avoid doing too much today.  I find that I am overly obsessed with resolving problems 24/7 and I actually need to stop myself mentally or I just work all day. 

I have a few open issues to handle before we leave for Lake Powell on Sunday but, it can wait.

I took the whole family to Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument today.  The park has been closed for quite a while and opened back up about a week ago. 

It’s a 1000 year old extinct volcano that erupted and buried 64,000 acres of land with HOT MAGMA.  I just like saying HOT MAGMA, the locals call it lava.

The vistors center was closed but, we had to snap a picture on our way by.

So, there is a black mountain side that is almost perfectly smooth with very little vegetation. Then when you get down into the lowest part of the park, there are piles of cooled lava that have cracked upwards and formed an incredible landscape of this glass like rock.  The parks department created a hiking trail that runs through and around the lava flow and it was incredible. 

Everyone loved the place.
The kids got a little hot while walking in the 90 degree heat but, the experience left them in awe. 

I also meet someone along the hiking trail who was also celebrating his birthday today.  What are the odds?

We ordered Thai food for dinner and picked it up at the local restaurant in Historic Downtown.  The kids asked why everything was so spicy but, they ate it so that was good.  I don’t go crazy with the spices and we skipped on the curry. 

The restaurant asked us to choose how spicy we wanted to go on a scale of 1-5 and I only went with a 2.  That said, we were still wiping the tears from our eyes and going back for more water.  I can’t even image the 5.

We finished the night with a movie and a great day was had.  I’m now offically one year older. Haha….

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