Day 329 – Thursday

It’s getting closer to GO TIME and tomorrow is my birthday so, I’m trying to get things cleaned up for our departure on Sunday.

I didn’t get the front headlight installed today so, I suppose that means I will be doing that on Saturday.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Right?
I did get the christmas lights and christmas cards pulled down today.  It sounds funny when I write that but, we really enjoyed having all of our friends christmas cards hanging in our rig.  All of their smiling faces on beautiful and colorful cards really brightened up the space.  We are thinking about making a collage out of all the pictures to keep them top of mind as we travel. 

I tucked the cards away for that project on another day.  It’s hard leaving so many wonderful friends behind as we travel.

I would have loved to do more clean up work today but, the trail was calling and Jenn and I don’t ever miss our daily hike.  Today‘s hike was more intense than normal and we really found ourselves way off the beaten path, if you know what I mean. 

We keep exploring further and further from the campground and there are some cool things to see as we roam.  Awesome rock formations, mountains around the side of other mountains and even a huge open field that we came upon by chance.  Very cool.

With the christmas lights and cards removed and neatly packed away, Jenn surprised me by pulling out the birthday box from under the rig and hanging our Happy Birthday banner.  A few balloons were blown up and pinned to the walls to make it very festive inside.  It’s starting to get exciting.

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