Day 328 – Wednesday

Girls road the Banana bikes again today.  Despite my better judgement, I gave in and rented the small 3 wheeled recumbent bikes again.  The girls are full of energy and said they loved the bikes.  I asked if I could get a pass from pushing and they said to give them a big push, to get them started, and they would be good.  So, I did exactly that and they were gone, down the road and off into the campground somewhere, together.  I’m glad they have each other and they have so much fun together.  I remember those days from my youth and it’s nice to see the pattern repeat.
My birthday is on Friday and I’m hopping my wife gets me a Ferrari but, I’ll be happy with a new neck tie and some cake since I really don’t have any place to put a second car right now.  
If I had to think of something coronavirus related to get as a gift, I think a sports car is the bomb.  You can get out and drive for some excitement without any interaction (except for a gas station or two).  I always loved muscle cars and was really into re-building engines and turning the wrench when I was in my mid 20’s.  My father had to deal with 2-3 additional cars in and around the house while I kept supping them up with exaust packages, bigger carburetor’s, air filters and fuel pumps.  So, they got loader and faster but, never really looked that great.  Body work was not something that I had a talent for.  Sorry Dad.
At any rate, those years of driving fast cars with friends brings back some great memories.  Maybe thats why I keep dreaming of a sports car for my birthday. LOL.
Someday I’ll make sure to have a mid-life criss and buy one.  Right now, I’m just fine.
Speaking of turning the wrench, I pulled a faulty headlight assembly out of my motorhome yesterday and brought it down to our local RV dealer in town.  Yeah, we have an RV dealer “in town”.  They said I needed an entirely new headlamp and that it would take 2 weeks to get one.  So, I’m going to put the old headlight back in my rig and live with a low beam headlight until I return to Flagstaff in late July.  Hopefully, I won’t be doing any night driving between now and then.  
I really try not to drive the rig at night.  It’s not cool to show up at a campground after dark with a 64 ft. setup and try to just roll in unnoticed.  The diesel engine is loud, you need to disconnect the tow vehicle (Jeep) and avoid hitting any trees or obstacles as you maneuver the huge beast of a bus into your campsite.  The more daylight you have the better.

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