Day 325 – Sunday

Jenn got out of the RV earlier that usual this morning to go meet a friend from one of her business coaching groups.

After talking with each other last week they came to realize that they both live in Flagstaff. A meetup was a requirement at that point. We really only know about a dozen people in Flagstaff at this point and most of them are contractors, real estate agents and a car mechanic. The idea of hanging with a local, that also has similar business interests, peaked Jenn’s interest. They took a long walk through the state forest land near one of the homes we almost bought. Jenn shared that she saw lots of mountain bikers through out the trails and suggested we grab our bikes and hit the trails ourselves.

We liked that area near the Continental Golf Club, on the Southside of town but, found that we couldn’t find a home with a big enough driveway to park our RV. Our current home has trails right across the street but, we have to drive a whole 10 minutes to get to the golf course. Bummer.

Any way, they had a great time hiking, kept their social distance and managed to make it back home without Jenn’s trail guide, me.

Later in the day, Luke and Jenn decided to hike together on Mt. Elden. I was suprised that Jenn wanted to go on a second hike in the same day but, Luke and Jenn enjoy the peace and quiet of each other. I feel like they also enjoy talking about life together because they are both in the best of moods after they hike.

Luke is a bit overwhelmed by his two sisters. I know that feeling growing up with 4 sisters myself. There is always some kind of drama and Luke despises drama. He likes everything to be calm and when it’s not calm he just needs to “get out”.

It’s not very calm in our rig. There is always something going awry. Its tough to get 5 people to agree on anything and we really don’t have any space to separate people when disagreements arise. We just hash out every problem on the spot which can be very dramatic and very loud. Remember what I said about Luke and drama. Humm….

So, Luke hiking with Jenn is a great day in the making. They have fun together and always come home happy.

I spent the better part of my day looking for funiture for our new home. I’m researching beds, mattresses, tables, soaker tubs, bathroom vanities and even bathroom tile. Jenn and I hired our good friend Liz Iandoli from Sobo Designs (shout out to Liz for all her hard work) to help us with all the choices but, buying everything you need for an entire house from scratch is tough work. It’s nice having a professional in my corner and it helps tremendously when Jenn and I don’t agree on something. But, that doesn’t happen very often with us, thankfully.

We leave Flagstaff in one week and we are trying to wrap up all the loose ends before then. So, I’m a busy man with a list. Wish me well.

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