Day 324 – Saturday

As we get closer to a year on the road we have come to realize that we have missed a few days of blogging along the way. With the leap year that we are in, we should have 366 days of blogs but, it seems that we will be a few days short, come our 1 year anniversary, on June 30th. We tend to get caught up in day to day tasks and sometimes need to catch up on 2-3 days at a time. I should be more religious about it but, everyday is different and many times I don’t get any quiet time to write until everyone is asleep. A family of 5 living in 425 sq ft of space, can make private time non-existent. So, I write when I can, take notes when I can’t and try my best to remember what day it is.

Today is Saturday. Just knowing that much means I’m off to a strong start. My goal today was to get the front headlight fixed on the motorhome. I replaced the lightbulb a few weeks ago and that did not fix the issue. Only the highbeam works on the passenger side and that is not giving me the night vision I require.

Out-driving your headlights in a 35,000 lb motorhome with a 4500 lb Jeep in tow is not a good thing. Luckily, I don’t do much night driving in the motorhome. From experience, its much better to be where you’re going, in a motorhome, before the sun sets. So, it’s very rare to be on the road at night. The problem is, when I find myself caught in a “the sun just set” situation, I’m always upset that one of my headlights doesn’t work.

It’s not like I can just roll my 42 ft motorhome into a repair shop and let a mechanic go at it. For one, I can only have my rig serviced at a truck repair shop and they require appointments. Secondly, we live in our rig so, if we leave it at a repair shop we are temporarily homeless.

So, today I tore out (gentle removed) the entire headlight out of the rig and bench tested it. There was a bad resisitor in the headlamp which was not to hard to put a voltmeter on but, is absolutely impossible to replace. When I asked my RV dealer from CT how to repair it they said I needed a completely new headlamp. I don’t think that my local RV dealer in Flagstaff is going to have one of those headlights just lying around but, I’m going to find out on Tuesday, after the Memorial Day Weekend.

After all that work removing the headlamp and crawling all around under the front of my rig, I was tired. No hike for me today and we decided to turn on a movie to wind down the afternoon. My Cousin Vinny was our movie choice and we all laughed for a few hours watching that one. I forgot how funny that movie was.

The girls named their stray cat “Cookie” today and feed him some more chicken. I really think that cat might follow us all the way to Mt. Rushmore when we leave next week.

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