Day 323 Friday

Today the girls found a cat in the campground without a collar. It was quite dirty but, was very friendly. They both miss their cats during this trip.

As you probably know, we found someone to watch our two cats for us while we are traveling. Our cats were like part of the family and it’s understandable that they miss them.

With that said, this little cat that they befriended at our campground has been getting the royal treatment. Cans of tuna are going out the door followed by chicken and even a towel for the cat to sleep on.

They don’t even like making lunch for themselves but, taking care of this cat has brought a whole new level of sevice to their repertoire.

Caitlin asked us if we could take in the cat but, thats just not going to happen. I told her it was a wild cat and belongs outside. She should take the best care of the cat that she can, while we are here but, we have to leave it here when we go. They all agreed that we can’t have a cat while we travel and we are heading out in just 9 days.

They were also reminded that we already have 2 cats that will be reunited with us soon.

We had a chat with them about what would happen if you took in every stray cat you found. Neither of them wants to turn into a cat lady. Oh no!

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