Day 321 – Wednesday

Hiking with Luke!

When deciding to travel again, we somewhat forgot all that goes into constantly moving. Jenn started ordering some of the basic items that we need to travel such as laundry detergent, paper plates, replenishing her makeup, coffee/tea and vitamins. When your in a city like Flagstaff you have everything at your fingertips.

We have no idea what Page, Moab and Glenwood Springs will look like. So, we will also be stocking up the RV with lots of good food before we depart. It’s only 10 days away and that has a way of sneaking up quickly on you. The last 10 days before we left NY felt like a 3 day blur. Jenn and I still don’t know exactly how we did it. This time will easier if I can remember all the things I used to do when we move.

It was second nature for me when we were moving every 5-7 days but, since we haven’t traveled in nearly 3 months, I’ll have to clear the cob webs a bit before I setout down the highway.

Today we spent some time working with our contractors for our new home. We are doing a few upgrades, just as we move in, and we need to time it correctly so that the work starts right after we close. We really don’t want to delay our move in date. We found out last week that school starts for the kids on August 5th. That’s so early. School in NY starts on Labor Day. Whats with August 5th?

Add that the fact that we are supposed to close on our house around July 31st. It would appear that our house will be under construction while the kids are starting school. That’s going to get exciting fast.

All that aside, I feel like we will be on top of the world after our 2000 mile journey across the mid-west and, on top of that, we’re moving into a new home. I think we’ll be so happy we won’t even care about a few contractors running around. I’ll give you some feed back on that as we get into it.

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