Day 320 – Tuesday

I booked the last of our 15 stops today and confirmed reservations in Golden CO and Jackson Hole WY. The last place we are visiting will be Lake Meade. We have some friends in Las Vegas who are dying to see us (you know who you are) and from Lake Meade you can drive to Las Vegas in about 25 minutes. We can also see one of the largest hydroelectric dams in the country – the Hoover Dam. The funny part about this story is that when I called to book the reservation the campground office informed me that Lake Meade is usually about 120 degees in mid-July. That took me by surpise but, I told the woman that I’m still coming because we are so excited to be able to travel. We both laughed and she added that everyone else seems to feel the same way, because they have never had so many reservations in July. We might be pushing our air conditioning system a little harder than expected in July. 😎

Once we finish up in Lake Meade we will drive 2 hours to Flagstaff. Since Flagstaff is at 7000 ft. we will have a much cooler experience awaiting us there.

One thought on “Day 320 – Tuesday

  1. We did Vegas in the summer only once, in August, I believe. We’d like to try it again, though not this year (and we were just there in October anyway). It was around 114, I believe, and really was stunning to experience. Quite literally, honestly: the body is STUNNED to be in such heat. You DO get used to it for the most part though, and all jokes aside, it really is a DRY HEAT, so you manage. Just stay hydrated and in AC/shade as much as possible.


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