Day 317- Saturday

The plans for today were to go to the stone yard to pick our granite for our kitchen counter remodel, then go to the flooring company in town for carpet styles and then pick up some groceries.

It turns out the shopping for granite and carpet has dropped off the list for most homeowners during this pandemic and both stores were closed today. It said they were open online but, hindsight being 20/20, I should have called to confirm. We did get groceries quickly and the grocery store is looking much better these days. Most of the items in the store were back in stock.

We are exited about our new home in Flagstaff and we will get to everything related to that soon enough. The kids are having fun picking out beds, dressers, pillows and adding things to their wishlist. Jenn and I made a lot of promises when we moved out of our home in NY and we are doing our best to meet them on those things. We got the house right and they all have their own room that they love. That was a big one. Adding furniture seems easy in comparison.

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