Day 312 -Monday!

Today was a busy day filled with business zoom meetings, phone calls, homeschooling and grocery shopping. It seemed like we never stopped moving. Jenn and I even snuck in a late day hike after dinner.

It always surprises me when you have a very limited ability to do things and yet your day is packed with activities. Jenn and I are very blessed that our businesses are able to function and grow through this pandemic. Everyone needs cloud based phone systems and cloud computing related solutions right now so, my phone never stops ringing.

Because many business owners are working from home an need alternatives to exercising, Jenn’s sugar addiction movement “The sugar freedom method” is blowing up. We are truely blessed and sometimes overworked. We do however make time everyday to unwind with a walk, a hike or possibly a bike ride. The excercise feels great and really helps to calm the nerves.

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