Day 309- Propane fill up time

It’s the end of the week and we needed to move our RV today to refill the propane take. Our rig carries about 13 gallons of propane which we use for heat (when its below freezing) and for instant hot water. Usually a full tank of propane will last 3 months or more but, when its below freezing and you use the propane for heat, a full tank only lasts a two or three weeks tops. Since arriving in Flagstaff on March 5th we have had to fill our onboard propane tank 3 times.

You might think “What’s the big deal? Just fill your tank and be done with it.” But, what you don’t know is that there isn’t a big difference between filling your Propane tank and moving to a new destination.

We basically have to do all the same stuff and the list is long. Yes, we need to put everything away, clear all the countertops, do a full cleaning, put away all the dishes, put away shoes, close up the beds, bring in the slides, disconnect the water, power and sewer connections. Drain all the water tanks, turn around the front captains chairs, lock the refrigerator, lock the dishwasher, put away the homeschooling bins and vacuum the entire rig once everything is cleaned up.

Then we have to move all the bicycles away from the RV, pull all the games, cornhole, frisbee’s, soccer balls, sport equipment and hoverboards away from the RV a safe distance so we can drive away without destroying anything.

Next we move the Jeep, pull the wheel chucks, and bring up the hydraulic foot pads that keep our RV level and start up the diesel.

We drove about 1000 feet to the propane tank at the campground, filled the tank with propane and then drove 1000 feet back to our campsite and reversed the whole process. This entire process takes 2 hours minimum and when we do a nice job cleaning it can easliy take 3 hours.

The good news is that it all went very smooth and now our rig is super clean and full of propane again. YES!

Jenn even mopped the floors which was an awesome idea. There is nothing like a clean house.

Afterwards we took a quick hike and turned on a great movie, after dinner, called “The Penguins of Madagascar”. That is a funny movie that kids love. Good times and another great day.

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